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Now that you have all recovered from that one lost hour...can we take a moment to say, how good is daylight savings?! Longer days, more sunshine and good vibes only means one thing - more time for training and spending time with friends...and hopefully many wonderful Elwood sunsets!

It was a big weekend both here and abroad with Jimmy Tyler smashing out a 40min PB at Ironman Barcelona. Congratulations Jimmy! Hard work, patience and consistency across all elements of triathlon (not just swim-bike-run) is paying off!
Closer to home, our favourite Norwegian ran her way to 3rd place at the Trail Series on Saturday, in the dark! This was the last race of the series which saw Andrea also finish 2nd place for the series. Congratulations Andrea!

Lucky it's recovery week because this weekend is even bigger than last with Trent and Sammy ready to take on the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii; Neda heading off to smash out the Chicago Marathon; and loads staying closer to home for Melbourne Marathon this Sunday. We send nothing but good vibes to everyone, we will be tracking and cheering you all!

Recovery week signals plenty of sleep ins, turning it down a notch at sessions and with it being our last Thursday night run at the Tan, we thought it would be rude not to have one final steak night at Arcadia! Our first Try the Tri kicks off for the season this Saturday and we have a run clinic with Coach Weeksey this Saturday and a swim one on Sunday! Read on for all the details!

We rise by lifting others.
Robert Ingersoll
Congratulations Jimmy!

James Tyler "You Are An Ironman" x 9.  We couldn't be happier for this man, on smashing out an Ironman he truly deserves.  Amazing effort all day long topped off with a 3h32 marathon run.  ANNNNND ... Jimmy smashed his last race time (NZ in Feb this year) by 53mins and his personal best by a whopping 40mins. Truly awesome!!!

Work Your Run with Weekesy
Are you new to running?
Does running feel uncomfortable?
Is running a struggle?
Do you feel like you're not improving?
Great news, we have just what you need!

Race season is just around the corner so whether you're new to running or looking for those one percenters, join Coach Weekesy for a run clinic THIS SATURDAY designed specifically for you!

For all details, and to sign up, hit the link below.
Pre-Season Swim Tips

This 90-minute clinic is perfect for you if this sounds familiar:

  • You’d love to take part in triathlon but the swim leg is putting you off
  • You feel like you’re fighting the water
  • You’re out of breath after just 30m in the pool and have to rest frequently
  • When you swim you imagine your legs and feet dragging low behind you
  • You don’t look forward to swim sessions at all
  • Swimming is simply a struggle and you’re at a loss as to how to improve
  • The thought of swimming alone makes you uncomfortable 
  • You’d like to graduate to open water swimming but don’t know where to start
Sunday 13th October
12pm - 1:30pm
You do not need to bring sports watches, and there will not be extended periods of swimming so fitness is not an issue!
Tri-Alliance Android App

Calling all Android too can be one of the cool cats!

CoachingMate is our online training system for Tri-Alliance athletes, providing a fast and efficient platform for viewing workouts quickly and easily.

You will be able to:
* View your overall training planned phases, by time, volume or load
* Load different programs by layer
* View programs in planner or graph view
* View workouts by overview, current day, list view and events
* Load dashboard to view current progression of workouts by sessions, time, distance or load over a year, month or week
* Select your athlete level and assigned planner options to follow
* Shows all the members in your training group (ability to message and communicate on workouts within groups coming soon!)
* Message your coach, giving you a central feed to communicate with your coach (think of it as a Coach Hotline)

The Time Has Come 

Of course we will all be tracking our superstars Trent and Sammy, as they tackle the biggest race on the calendar....KONA this weekend!
We are wishing them both the very best for the race, but more importantly to enjoy the experience, soak up the atmosphere and celebrate all their hard work, training and achievements so far.  Go get' 'em, team!

The Final Steak Night @ Arcadia

It's our last Thursday night run at The Tan so we thought what better way to signify the end of our winter programming than with steak night at Arcadia! Join us after our recovery week run for a bite to eat, a drink and plenty of chats and laughs! Arcadia Hotel is very used to athletes dropping by after training sessions, so just bring something warm, and as you can see from the pic, we go as we are. Oh...did I mention they have $12 T-Bones on Thursdays???? We're looking forward to seeing lots of happy faces there!

Thursday 10 October - Run Sessions 6:15pm
  • With Coach Ollie & Coach Bondy @ The Tan
  • With Coach Greg @ Essendon
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Friday 11 October - Swim Sessions 5:45am
  • With Coach Weekesy and Coach Dan
  • For intermediate & advanced athletes
  • Be ready to hit the water on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 12 October - Weekend Rides from 6:30am
  • 6:30 am roll-out for Long Course
  • 7:00 am roll-out for Short Course
  • All athletes welcome
  • Meet at Elwood Beach Car Park
  • Be early enough to listen to pre-session briefing
  • Distance according to ability/race goals
  • Ensure you carry all spares, leavers, CO2, money & phone
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Sunday 13 October - Long Run 8:00am
  • With Coach Greg from Fairfield Park Boathouse (Car Park)
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Bring warm clothing to complete functional strength, stretching and technique activities

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