Noosa Success

~ 6th November 2023 ~

Good afternoon, triathletes! A little later with your TA news today as we ease into a slow Monday!


Noosa 2023 – A Perfect Day of Triumph!

The Noosa Triathlon has come and gone, and what a day it was! The sun was shining, the wind was just right, and the warmth and humidity kept everyone on their toes. We witnessed incredible achievements from our athletes, including 10 Olympic distance debutants who truly showcased their ability and determination. But that's not all – there were personal bests, expectations met, time goals smashed, swim breakthroughs, and bike limits pushed to new heights. And let's not forget those anxious runners who had a less-than-ideal lead in but took to the course with ease. We couldn't be more thrilled for all of you! Your hard work and dedication paid off in spades, and we're bursting with pride.


A New Race Week Is Upon Us!

As we bid farewell to beautiful Noosa, many of our long course athletes are gearing up for another exciting race. This Sunday, all eyes are on the Melbourne 70.3 Ironman in St Kilda. The course is very familiar, snaking its way along the foreshore, and we can't wait to see a strong contingent of TA supporters there on Sunday, cheering on our remarkable athletes. Let's continue to show our unwavering support and encouragement for our fellow squad members!


2XU Series Countdown!

For those of you who are still pushing yourselves through training, whether you're coming off the high of Noosa or the 70.3 build, we want to keep you motivated for the upcoming 2XU series. With Race #1 less than 3 weeks away, it's essential to stay focused and follow your coaches' training programs. Rest assured, we've got you covered with tailored training to ensure you're prepared and raring to go on race day.


Fundraising for a Worthy Cause

Our dedicated Ambassador, Ben Marples, is on a mission this November, growing a Mo and running at least 80km to fundraise for a cause close to his heart – men's mental health and suicide prevention. Ben's story and his openness about his own struggles have been inspiring. He's a vital part of the TA family, and we're proud to support his efforts to encourage others to share their own challenges and journeys.


Join Us – Be a Part of Something Special

We have some fantastic opportunities ahead, and we'd love for you to be a part of them. At TA, we know life can get busy, but we're calling on your support to make our newer members feel the true TA love. Triathlon is what brought us together, but it's the incredible people that make our community special. We need your wisdom, your warmth, and your welcoming spirit to make our squad even better. Share your stories, make our newcomers feel at home, and let them experience the camaraderie that defines TA – both inside and outside of training. Your presence and support will create a welcoming environment for everyone, showcasing what makes TA truly extraordinary.


Timetable Change and Updates

We've got a change to the timetable next Sunday, with the long swim and long run being from St Kilda to support our Long Course athletes. Be sure to check the details below. Also, please remember that there will be no coached sessions on Monday, November 6th, or Tuesday, November 7th. So, make sure to follow your own programs. Additionally, there will be reduced lanes Wednesday morning at MSAC due to the number of athletes away.


Get ready for another incredible week of training.  Let's make it count, just as we always do!

Post Race Celebrations

What A Weekend!

Noosa 2023 did NOT disappoint! After a short hiatus from the annual pilgrimage up north, the TA congregation was in full swing. It was great to see so much yellow and blue everywhere we went, not only on the race course, but also throughout the town. The race day was picture perfect and just what we had expected. Light winds, sun out, warmth and humidity to keep everyone honest, and allow for some great results.

We had 10 x Olympic distance debutants, who we are super proud of. Henna, Mike, Jen, Doug, EJ, Yas, Narelle, Neda, Amelia and Sam came through the course like champions! Noosa Tri is no mean feat, so for this crew to have conquered this distance on a tough course is a true testament to their ability and determination.

Our LC athletes in Rob, Mon, Ben, Chamara and Sarah used the race as a tempo training session, on their way through to their 70.3 events. They all significantly broke their personal best times, even though they were following the instructions to get around the course at 75%. We're looking forward to their big races over the coming weeks.

Our super fish of the day was Henna in a time of 23mins 38secs for the 1.5km swim (plus a sneaky beach run for good measure). The speed demon on the bike was George going sub 1hour (59mins 35 secs) for a 40km lumpy course. And the road runner was none other than Mr. Dixon in 40mins13secs for 10kms of joy!

There's many more achievements from each and every one of our athletes - overall PBs, expectations met, time goals smashed, swim breakthroughs, new limits achieved on the bike and some anxious runners who got through the course without trouble. We are thrilled for all of you!

Thank you to all those who made the trip up to support the crew, we know there were many and your help never goes unnoticed.


Another Race Week Is Here

Just as we leave the hustle and bustle of Noosa in the rear-view mirror, many of our long course athletes will be turning their full attention to this Sunday's Melbourne 70.3 Ironman in St Kilda.

The scenic course starts and finishes at Catani Gardens as it snakes its way along the foreshore, and we can't wait to see a strong contingent of TA supporters there on Sunday to cheer on our competing athletes!

Just as our Noosa competitors did last week, if you are one of our athletes eagerly counting down the days until race time make sure you give your body the time it needs to rest up so you're in tip-top shape to compete at your best. All the hard work and training through those cold winter months is in the bank and ready to supercharge you on the day - now it's time for the fun to begin!

And just as a reminder, we've got loads of nutrition tips on our website for you to check out if you're looking for a little assistance on how to fuel your body in the lead-up to the big day.


2XU Series Is Just Around the Corner

For all of our athletes still throwing themselves into training in the lead up to the launch of the 2XU series (or backing up from Noosa or the 70.3!), we're on hand to keep encouraging you over that final push to the start line with 2XU Race #1 now less than 3 weeks away!!

As you commence your final 3-week training block, it's crucial to stay focused and follow the training programs set out by our coaches (including that last important recovery week!) - you can rest assured knowing we have your training specifically designed to have you ready and raring to go come race day.

It's fantastic to see numbers at sessions really building up as we approach the summer, but we think there needs to be a special shout out for all of you who have been grinding out your training all the way through the depths of winter - we can't wait to watch you realise the benefits of all your hard work in competition!

We'll have plenty more information out to you about the first 2XU race day in the lead up to the event, but for now keep locking in that focus and make the most of every session between now and the big day.


Fundraising For a Cause

As you might've seen, our current Ambassador Ben Marples is growing a Mo and running at least 80km this November to fundraise for a cause close to his heart - men's mental health and suicide prevention.

As you all know, Ben is an integral part of the TA family and it's been inspiring to see him lower his walls and open up about his own struggles over the years in the hope that he can encourage others around him to do the same.

Ben's 'Mo Space' can be accessed below for anyone that can spare a few dollars towards Ben's fundraising efforts and such an important cause!

Trisuits 2024

New TA Suits for 2024

Just in case you haven't heard, our brand-new TA Elite Trisuits for season 2023/24 have now arrived and are available for purchase for just $198.

Not only does the vibrant blue and yellow provide a stylish and sleek look to head into a new season with, but you'll also guarantee epic cheers and support from the crowd on race-day by being easily recognised as you make your way around the course!

The new suits feature a cutting-edge design with a range of tried and tested features engineered to enhance your performance and comfort:

  • Sun Protection: Shield yourself from the elements and focus on your race.
  • Advanced Aerodynamics: Golf ball pattern arms minimise drag, helping you slice through the air.
  • Ultimate Comfort: No-rub points underarms ensure maximum comfort during your entire race.
  • Durable Construction: Heavier grade material from the waist down offers durability for the rigours of triathlon.
  • Nutrition on the Go: Zip pocket with 2 x mesh pockets for quick nutrition access.
  • Breathability: Mesh panels keep you cool and comfortable throughout your race.
  • Form-Fitting Freedom: Move freely from swim to bike to run without any restrictions.
  • Feather-Light: The suit weighs under 200g, ensuring optimal agility.

What more are you waiting for? If you haven't already, simply jump on our TriShop website via the buttons below and make sure you're looking good, feeling good and kicking goals in the new suit this Tri season!

Public Holiday Get Together

Please Join Us!

There's a couple of great opportunities ahead that we'd like you to be a part of, and the best part about it is that you get to help support our newer members and make them feel the genuine TA love!

We understand that life can get busy, so we've lined up some important dates we'd like you to keep free because we're calling on your support. Your journey with TA started for the love of triathlon, but we all know that what makes it truly special is the incredible people who make up our community. It's vital that we keep growing our squad to continue fostering the atmosphere and energy we all love to be around.

This is where you come in – we need your valuable experiences and your warm, welcoming spirit to make our squad even better. We invite you to share your stories, make our newcomers feel welcome, and show them the camaraderie that exists both inside and outside of training. Your presence and support will go a long way in making TA a place where everyone feels at home and provides the opportunity to showcase what makes TA so special.

But we know that you are busy-bees, so here are the dates that we'd like you to keep free:

Race #1 Celebration Drinks

Sunday 26th November

Newmarket Hotel, St Kilda @ 4pm

Have a social drink and celebrate Race #1

TTT#1 Graduation BBQ

Thursday 30th November

A causal BBQ at Elwood Beach

Stay around after your training session

Race #2 Celebration Drinks

Sunday 9th December

Newmarket Hotel, St Kilda @ 4pm

Have a social drink and celebrate Race #2

TTT#2 Graduation BBQ

Thursday 14th December

A causal BBQ at Elwood Beach

Stay around after your training session

TA Christmas Party

Sunday 17th December

St Kilda Sports Club @ 1:30pm

Fun and festive frivolity

Thank you for your continuous support in making TA Triathlon the incredible squad that it is!

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*** PRE-COMPETITION PHASE - Build Week 1 ***

Monday 6th November:

No coached sessions - Take a Long Weekend!

Tuesday 7th November:

No coached sessions - Public Holiday

Wednesday 8th November:

5:45am - Int/Adv athletes only – Squad Swimming at MSAC. Arrive 5 mins early to begin with dryland band warm up. Outdoor 50m pool. 2 lanes + 1 coach.

5:45am - Beg/Int athletes – Squad Swimming at MSAC. 60min session. Arrive 5 mins early to begin with dryland band warm up. Indoor 25m Lap pool. 1 lane + 1 coach.

Thursday 9th November:

 - All athletes - Combo at Elwood Beach:

    • Short Course - a brick session of structured bike/run intervals followed by open water swim/skills.
    • Long Course - a brick session, beginning with an open water swim/skills session followed by a structured run set.
    • Running - a structured interval run set.

6:30pm - Try the Tri athletes - Open Water Swim session at Elwood Beach

Friday 10th November:

5:45am - All athletes – Squad Swimming at MSAC. Arrive 5 mins early to begin with dryland band warm up. Outdoor 50m pool. 2 lanes + 2 coaches.

Saturday 11th November:

6:30am - Long Course athletes - Long Ride towards Safety Beach. Check programs for distances.  Ride uncoached.

Everyone must bring appropriate nutrition and ensure you carry spares, money and mobile phone. Wear clothing appropriate to the conditions with Tri-Alliance riding gear mandatory.

All riders must be familiar with Tri-Alliance Bunch Riding and Cycling Etiquette policy: Road Cycling Tips - Tri-Alliance Triathlon Club Melbourne

6:45am - Short Course athletes - Combo session at Elwood Beach. An interval bike/run session with open water swim session at the end.
9:30am - Try the Tri #1 - Combo session at Elwood Beach. 
9:30am - Try the Tri #2 - Transition session at Elwood Beach. 

Sunday 12th November:

7:00am - All athletes - Combo session at St Kilda. Meet at the TA tent in the Tri Club Village. 

  • Swim - at Elwood Beach from 7am.
  • Run - from Elwood Beach at 8am.

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