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~ 3rd June 2024 ~

The arrival of June officially ushers in the winter season and the transition to a new training phase. As we gear up for this next chapter, it's crucial to understand and embrace the phase we are in to keep your training purposeful and effective.  Because after all, #TrainingWithPurpose.

Speaking of purpose, a massive well done to all our Cairns athletes who successfully completed their peak weekend and longest run in their build to race day! Huge shout out to Matt, Enrique, and Aurélie for conquering 33km runs as they prepare for the full Ironman distance. Kudos to our half-distance athletes—Sarah, Emma, Benny, and Rob—who tackled 21kms. Thank you to all the squaddies who came down to show their support for our long-course crew and smashed out their own runs. The cheers, bells, food, and trumpet were sensational, and no doubt helped spur everyone along (including half the Bayside population!).

Let's continue the cheers with recognition for Chris "Dicko" Dixon, who took the top step in the State Series for his age group and was presented with his award over the weekend by Triathlon Victoria. Read the details below about what this series entails and join us in celebrating Dicko’s fantastic achievement.

Speaking of series, the 2XU Triathlon Series has announced their dates for next season. Check them out below and make sure you mark them on your calendar to make the most of each race and build your training accordingly. Don’t get sidetracked with FOMO adventures if the series is something you want to aim for—and it should be!

And in direct contradiction (!), let me remind you that the 2XU Wellness Run is happening at the start of December, and registrations are now open. It's a great opportunity to test your legs on a fast course, if it fits in with your racing goals and plans.

Now, you may have noticed that there's an FTP test on your program for Tuesday night. Most of you know what this is, and we strongly encourage you to make the most of it. Don’t avoid it. It's a measurement tool designed to help you improve. For those unfamiliar with FTP, keep reading below to understand the ins and outs of this essential test.

Lastly, make sure you're fuelling adequately for all this training. We recommend only the best brand in the business, and in this case it's KODA. We've got their products in stock, so head over to the TriShop and place your order to keep moving forward. Also, remember, we are one of the last places where you can get KODA tabs. When they are gone, we’ll need to move to the sticks. If tabs are your thing (and they should be), don’t delay and miss out.

Finally, sessions are as timetabled on the online timetable. There are only a few notable changes to be aware of, which can be found below.

Take care, stay warm, stay well!


Winter Base Training (Endurance & Technique)

Structuring your triathlon training into distinct yearly phases is crucial. This approach allows your body to adapt, enhance performance, and prevent injury and burnout.

JUNE – Winter Base Training (Endurance & Technique)

June is dedicated to building a solid foundation of endurance while honing technique. This month kicks off Time Trials, which are scheduled every six weeks to help track and measure your progress. These trials are vital for providing feedback on your training improvements, so attending them is highly encouraged.

During this period, the focus is on maintaining consistent training efforts, with an emphasis on improving your endurance capacity and refining your technique. This phase is crucial for preparing your body for the more intense training sessions that will follow in the subsequent months. Make sure to take advantage of this time to solidify your skills and build the stamina necessary for peak performance.

Athlete Results - 1

State Series Champion

The 2023/24 Victorian State Series title is awarded to individuals based on results from selected multisport events across the 2023/24 season. Individuals must be a Victorian-based Triathlon Australia member to be eligible. Races were selected to ensure a variety of options across the disciplines of multisport and to support races providing high quality racing experiences.

The following event disciplines were part of the 2023/24 State Series schedule:
* Duathlon 27/08/2023 Victorian Duathlon Series – Race 2
* X-Duathlon 24/09/2023 Dirty Duathlon – You Yangs
* Triathlon 12/11/2023 IRONMAN 70.3 Melbourne
* Aquathlon 03/12/2023 Vic Aquathlon Champs - Shepparton
* Triathlon 20/01/2024 Echuca Moama Triathlon
* Triathlon 11/02/2024 2XU Triathlon Series - Sandringham (Race 4)
* Triathlon 03/03/2024 2XU Triathlon Series - Elwood (Race 5)

Congratulations to Chris Dixon for finishing in 1st place in the 40-44 male age group.  We already know you are a champion and now it's official!


Use Your FTP to Measure Performance Improvements

You may have noticed there is a Functional Threshold Power test (FTP) on your program this week, and some of you may have no idea what that means.  To help you appreciate why we prescribe these tests, let's start with first understanding them.

ell, FTP is like your secret weapon for cycling performance. It's all about finding out how much power you can sustain for a whole hour on that bike of yours. The cool thing is, if you know your FTP, you can plan your training sessions like a pro. 

Now, if you're wondering about heart rate zones, these are crucial for understanding your training intensity. We're talking about different zones from easy-breezy warm-ups to full-throttle, gasping-for-air efforts. Your Garmin will probably figure these out for you, or you can calculate your zones based on your heart rate, with some math magic. 

But wait, there's an elephant in the room. You might be wondering, "What about power?" Well, if you've got a power meter on your bike, you can figure out your FTP based on your power output.  And don't worry if you don't have a power meter; heart rate zones have been tried and true for ages.

Lastly, there's this cool thing called Rate of Perceived Effort (RPE). It's your personal rating system for how hard you're working. Super handy when you can't be glancing at your watch mid-race, right? 

So, why should you care about all this? Well, understanding your power and heart rate zones helps you train smarter. You'll know exactly how hard to push in each workout, and you'll see progress over time. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of those intense intervals. 

So, there you have it – the very very short version of Coach Gaz's linked article below.  Ollie's looking forward to seeing plenty of you Tuesday night. 


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Series Dates Announced

We're excited to announce the 2024/2025 2XU Triathlon Series dates!

Race 1, Elwood - Sunday 24th November 2024

Race 2, Brighton - Sunday 8th December 2024

Race 3, St Kilda - Sunday 12th January 2025

Race 4, Sandringham - Sunday 9th February 2025

Race 5, Elwood - Sunday 2nd March 2025

Race 6, St Kilda - Sunday 23rd March 2025

All races feature Sprint, Fun Tri & Tri Kids distances.
Races 3, 4 & 6 will also feature Olympic distance.

Stay tuned for more information on the series entry opening special when registrations open on Thursday 25th of July!


Registrations Now Open

Registrations for the 2024 2XU Wellness Run Proudly Supporting Beyond Blue are now open!

To celebrate, the team have an opening special just for you!

Date: Sunday 1st December 2024
Event Hub: Catani Gardens, St Kilda

21.1km - 6:45am start, $110 (Late Price $140)
10km - 8:40am start, $75 (Late Price $99)
5km - 9:50am start, $65 (Late Price $85)
1km U12 Junior - 11:00am start, $35 (Late Price $50)
All distances include the 2024 Event T-Shirt & Finishers Medal.

2024 brings a fresh new look to the 2XU Wellness Run, but it's still the same event you know and love. We're so excited for our new branding, and announcing our goal to raise $500,000 for Beyond Blue in 2024. At $66 per call, this total would help over 7500 people receive support from a qualified mental health counsellor any time of the day or night.


Session Details 
- As per the online timetable.  Please check online.

Notable Information
- Tuesday night wind trainer - is an FTP test at MSAC.  Be there!  And make sure you have a heart rate monitor to collect valuable data.
- Sunday morning run - is back at MSAC and Fairfield this week.
- Monday 10th June - King's Bday public holiday.  No coached swim session.


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