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Welcome to Recovery Week!  That important time in the periodized cycle to let your body enjoy some extra rest, nutrition, maintenance and to adapt to the load you have been working with.  I listened to a pertinent discussion this week about the idea that the best progress is not made during a training session, it is made in the recovery following the training session.  Interesting, huh?  So even if you were able to have a cracking session and reach your desired goals, all of that can come undone by simply not recovering properly and not allowing your body to absorb all the adaptations and rebuild in preparation for the next session or next step.  And to add to this, experts have found that the majority (and we’re talking LARGE majority) of ALL athletes are not over-trained…they are under-recovered!   


Whoa…big news!  We know that some people will take some time to let this sink in and to truly understand what this means for you.  But what’s important from our position as your coaches is to help you understand this concept. To educate our athletes and support you in achieving your goals, by providing you with the complete picture.  I recommend listening to the podcast I’ve included below on the science of athlete recovery and to start being aware of how this impacts your performance.


This week’s Meet the TA Family member is super special, as we recognise the work of Jo Grey, who’s helping on the frontline in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dr Jo specialises in travel medicine, keeping across disease patterns around the world, vaccines and potential environmental threats.  But currently finds herself working in the response team, caring for those in quarantine.


We’ve also included specific info on our run, ride and swim sessions, how and what data to send us following your time trials last week, a reminder to email The General your goals and email us if you need the link to the workshop and a shoutout to get involved in our physical challenge!


Keep informed as we inch closer to being able to facilitate a return to more face-to-face training sessions.  Please note that once a full timetable can resume, the Go Solo membership will cease, and athletes will need to re-engage their short and long course membership options.

Until then, keep well.  Keep training.  And keep connected.


The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.
John Maxwell

Increased to 20
Great news that our group run sessions can now be extened to 20 athletes at a time.  This will be for both the Thursday night interval session and Sunday morning long runs. 

For this reason, we will combine the meeting point location at Albert Park Lake on Thursday.  Everyone please meet at the south end of the lake for a 6:15pm start.  Check the timetable for exact location if unsure.

These sessions do not need to be booked online prior to attending.  Howver, to keep with regulations, all athletes MUST be scanned in at each session they attend, so we have an accurate record of attendance.  Please do not leave a session without ensuing this has been done.

Reminder, all athletes must:
* maintain physical distancing by keeping at least 1.5 metres between you and another person
* carry and care for all personal belongings, including water bottles
* cover mouths and noses if coughing or sneezing
* not attend if feeling unwell

You still have the option to GO Virtual for all run sessions, via the link in your program.  Bear in mind that coaches will be starting their sessions on time,  so call in 5 mins beofre kick off.

NB: Tuesday morning run sessions will recommence from the 16th June, for build weeks.
Limited Access to Pools
Good news that some pools began reopening this week.  And even better if you managed to secure yourself a time slot.

But with the rule of "up to 20 patrons per pool with a limit of 3 people per lane", MSAC have not decided how and when they will be reopening the facility and logistically, we understand. 

This month, you will see both swim sets and dryland swim sessions assigned to your programs.  These are being made available to suit your personal circumstances.  So, if you can get to a pool, follow the programmed set.  And if you cannot access a pool, we will continue to work on your strength and technique through our coached dryland swim sessions, until such time that it becomes suitable for squads to resume.  
Outdoor Riding
In terms of weekend rides, as per previous advice, you are allowed to ride outdoors if you choose to.  But, to adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rule, you will need to ride in single file as Vic Road Laws states that cyclists should not be more than 1.5m apart when riding two abreast.  We will be continuing with our virtual Saturday morning ride sessions, offering both an online coached option and group Zwift events.  We are seeing some great results from the consistency of these sessions, supported by the structured nature of the workout with increased control in your intensity and deliberate intervals.  There’s definitely no slacking off here!
Jo Swim
Meet the TA Family - Jo Grey

This week we introduce to you someone you will have no doubt seen around but perhaps haven't had a chance to speak to. Between London, Brisbane and Melbourne (just to name a few) in recent years, it's been easy to miss Jo Grey and with the current pandemic what better time to introduce to you TA family member (and doctor) Jo Grey!  Here's everything you wanted to know about Jo but were too afraid to ask...until now! 

Podcast: Athlete Performance & Recovery

"This really is a fascinating deep dive into the Science of Athlete Recovery and topics that Shona outlines includes; just what athlete recovery is and why it is important. Why fewer athletes that you may perceive are actually overtrained. The critical role that sleep plays in optimising an athlete’s recovery and adaptability to training. The role that life stressors play in an athlete’s recovery. Why it’s okay to not feel great after a training session and why listening to your body and backing off at times are absolutely critical. Shona also explores the science around popular recovery modalities including Cryotherapy and Massage Therapy and Shona shares her physical challenge for the week which will really challenge you."

Athlete Time Trial Results
As we begin time trialling over the next couple of months, it’s going to be really important to collect your results, keep a record and maybe even share this with your coach.  This goes a long way in not only helping you to stay accountable, but to track your progress, reset goals and align your future training plans to reach your desired targets.

Please do not send through screenshots of your Garmin data.

The best (and only) way we can effectively collate this for you is for you to send the data to us in a workable format.  

After completing a run or swim time trial or an FTP test, please download your .csv file from Garmin Connect and email this through to your coach.

Steps to getting your data:

  • Log in to Garmin Connect
  • Select All Activities
  • Go into specific session
  • Click settings cog
  • Select export splits to CSV
  • Save and rename file to include your name, date and activity type

Keep these is a safe location and share with your coach if and when needed, via email.
Time to Be Accountable
If you were in our recent Goal Setting Workshop, you will know that The General explained the importance of writing those goals down.  And to help keep you accountable and check in with you during the journey, he asked for you to email them through.  We thought we give you a reminder (or not-so-gentle nudge) that the time has come and he is waiting....
We're Still Waiting to See Who's Up For A Bit Of Fun!

To keep the spirits high, to encourage you to keep working on your strength and for a bit of healthy competition, I mean personal satisfaction (who are we kidding…we’re all athletes right?!?!?), we thought we'd set you a physical challenge this week!

Who’s game to take on the Plank T-Shirt Challenge!

If you can successfully master (or not, coz who doesn’t love seeing the blooper reel) putting on your shirt whilst holding the perfect plank possie, then share it with the TA Fam and get everyone involved.

Use the hashtags #TriAlliancePhysicalChallenge #TrainingWithoutBoundaries so we can keep an eye on you!

Saturday Bunchie

It’s important to keep routines going and stay connected, so Saturday mornings we ride… VIRTUALLY!

We will have 2 options for all our programmed athletes:

  1. Join our private Zwift group ride – Tri-Alliance Social Saturday!


  1. Join us for an online coached session to see all your buddies and ride with the coach!

Check out how to join these groups using the link below


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