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That’s right…you get stronger, you push harder, so it never feels ‘easier’.  But if you take just a little moment to reflect, I bet you’ll soon realize that your effort level has increased, your pace has improved, you’re hanging in there a little longer, you’re travelling further and the recovery time between sets/reps/sessions has improved.  This week is the perfect time to take that moment to see just how far you’ve come.  Acknowledge these little steps, as the key to success is realizing that our big goals don’t just happen overnight.  It is the progressive accumulation of small steps taken consistently over time.  Hey….well done, you!  It might be hard to see right now, but it’ll be worth it!

And we saw a lot of this over the weekend, with our athletes aiming high and achieving PBs galore across the Run Melbourne Festival. Our speedster of the day, Sebastian smashed out a 1:26, the 3 amigos (Eddy, Raf and Raph) all ran within themselves under strict instructions from the coach to use this a stepping stone to bigger things, and Tim & Kate looked great on their way to sub 2hr halfs.  Denise and Jen knocked our their first half together with smiles for miles the entire way, the duo of Janna & Carly worked as a team, with Liza, Michelle and Megan rounding out the #GirlGang.  We also had Eliza, Nathan, Naomi, Jack and Rob in the 10kms, Narelle, Jo and Amy in the 5kms and we're sure there were plenty more out on course for a sneaky race.  Huge thanks to Mario, Bondy Sr and Jr, Steph, Dil, Paddy, Donna, Andrea, Gaz, Kristina and Michelle (plus mum) for all their supporting duties.  It makes a world of difference to our athletes and we know they really appreciate it!

So, I guess it’s a little hard to miss all the action coming out of our Thailand Training Camp.  If your social feed is anything like mine, I’m starting to feel a little spammed by it all (thanks guys, not helping my FOMO over here in sunny ol’ Melbourne town!).  These guys and gals are absolutely lapping up all that Thanyapura has to offer and will be reaping the benefits of their heat, humidity, hills and consistent pro-life training schedule in no time.  

Good news, programs for the next block are all loaded and available, so it’s a good idea to know what you should be doing and when.  If you have been unable to view the details of a session, let me insert my advice from last week right here:

NB: If you are having trouble seeing the details of your sessions in CM, you will need to clear your cache as we had a software update and your program may need a little reboot!
Jimmy's article reflecting on his JC Award was just THAT good, it's worth sharing it again this week.  There's also a reminder to get booked in for Queenscliff camp before the early bird finishes, some housekeeping reminders for this week as well as the all important weekend session details.

People often say that motivation doesn't last.  Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.
Zig Ziglar

John Cornish Memorial Scholarship Winner
~ James Tyler ~

It was with great pleasure that we recently awarded James 'Jimmy' Tyler the prestigious JC Award at our End of Season Function. 
This scholarship is nominated each year by the Tri-Alliance Coaching Team and awarded to an athlete who has displayed extreme dedication, consistency and put a significant amount of time and energy into their training. They have worked hard to reach their goals, achieved personal bests and exceeded expectations.
These qualities epitomise Jimmy, who does it all with a smile on his face, thoughtful reflection, a patient ear, friendly advice and a cheeky sense of humour.   We caught up with Jimmy to see how he feels about this recognition.

Queenscliff Pre-Season Camp

Get race ready with a spike in training this Spring over three days
Friday 13th - Sunday 15th September
It's the perfect launchpad into the new racing season.

Located along the stunning Bellarine Peninsular and situated on the waters of the heads, Queenscliff boasts terrific terrain for cycling, picturesque trails along the coast and swimming in a beach that offers a variety of surf and flat waters.

Our combo sessions will be in full swing, with the preseason camp aimed at race-specific training including transition and other triathlon fundamentals.
Early Bird Offer ends 31st July

Getting a Flat Is Not Always Fun!
Some of you will know why this is a timely training tip this week.  If you do not know how to change your flat, you may find yourself high and dry (or cold and wet) on the side of the road.  Luckily when our athletes are riding in a bunch, the cavalry is never far away.
You need to know how to be self sufficient when out on the road.

Check out our video on how to change a flat tyre.  It will give you all the tips you need to know about changing a rear bike tyre, including using C02 canister or a hand pump. How to correctly remove the rear wheel, using tyre levers, looking for the puncture, placing the tube into the tyre correctly and placing the wheel back.
Training Session Notes
Just giving you the heads up on a couple of changes to sessions, whilst Thailand camp is on next week.
Tuesday: night windtrainer will be BYO only.  There will not be any wind trainers available for hire on Tuesday 30th July.  Please come prepared.
Thursday: hot laps with Coach Steph.  Check your programs before attending.
Stay tuned to FB for any further updates over the next week.
Friday: Outdoor pool for this week only due to MSAC pool comps.  25m lanesSaturday: Long Course ride will be with Coach Scotty.  Leaving from Studley Park at 6:30am.
Short Course ride with Bondy.  Leaving from Eltham Station at 7:30am  
Sunday: long run from MSAC ONLY
Thursday 1 August July - Hot Laps 5:45am
  • With Coach Steph & Coach Gaz
  • For intermediate/advanced athletes
  • Be early enough to hear briefing
  • Must have confident bike handling skills and working front & rear lights
  • Tri-Alliance apparel is preferred, to keep the group together safely
Thursday 1 August - Run Session 6:15pm
  • With Coach Bondy @ The Tan
  • With Coach Greg @ Essendon
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Friday 2 August- Swim Session 5:45am
  • With Coach Weekesy &  Coach Dan
  • NB: 25m lanes due to MSAC comp
  • For intermediate & advanced athletes
  • Be ready to hit the water on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 3 August - Long Course/Advanced Ride 6:30am
  • With Coach Scotty
  • Long course/Advanced athletes only
  • Approx 110kms - 120kms
  • Meet in Studley Park car park
  • Be early enough to listen to pre-session briefing
  • Distance according to ability/race goals
  • Ensure you carry all spares, leavers, CO2, money & phone
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 3 August - Short Course/Beginner Ride 7:30am
  • With Coach Bondy
  • Short course/Beginner-Intermediate athletes
  • Approx 65kms
  • Meet at Eltham Station car park
  • Be early enough to listen to pre-session briefing
  • Distance according to ability/race goals
  • Ensure you carry all spares, leavers, CO2, money & phone
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Sunday 4 August - Long Run 8:00am
  • With Coach Bondy from MSAC front entrance
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Bring warm clothing to complete functional strength, stretching and technique activities

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