1st MAY 2023 – SWIM, BIKE, RUN, READ

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"Shifting gears so I can get on your level."
arcobar - latte ride

That concludes our latte rides! A great turn out and nice sunny weather to finish Recovery Month. We even popped in to the TA HQ to say hello. Congratulations to our newcomers on their first official TA ride! 

Did you have a good time during your recovery month? As we finish recovery month and enter the May technique block, the timetable begins to look and feel a little different. We change up our locations and focus on correct technique and building strength. This could be a nice change of pace for those looking to get back into it. We also send off our Port Mac crew, and our Cairns, Candaman and IM Frankfurt athletes begin to ramp up their training. You may recall us writing about this in our March newsletter, but in case you forgot (don't worry, neither did the NLL), let us give you an overview of what's going on for our next phase below.

For those who don't have any races coming up (or is too far in the future), we have a few things for you to look forward to... Our annual Winter Training Camp and annual Thanyapura Triathlon Training Camp!! 

A key date in our timeline is the King's Birthday (formerly Queen's birthday) long weekend. This is when we traditionally hold our Winter Training Camp and when we build on from base & technique training, to add endurance to our technique.  So, you will see changes from now up until then, including: 

  • No Tuesday or Thursday morning sessions continue until mid-June.
  • Thursday night run sessions move to the Tan & Essendon for or winter run sessions.
  • Saturday riding will be endurance rides (meeting at Elwood) for May and onto hills after King's Bday (mid June).
  • Sunday long runs move to trail running at Fairfield. 
  • Friday swim is for intermediate/ advanced swimmers.  This is really important.  To nurture athletes correctly and to avoid burnout early in the first phase of the program, it's important that athletes follow the Head Coach's program.

Best wishes to our three athletes competing in IRONMAN Australia/ 70.3 Port Macquarie!! We understand that training can be difficult at this time of year, but we've seen how hard you've all been training and can't wait to see all of your hard work put into action! See athlete list below. 

And finally, all the Long Course programs have been updated and uploaded for the new phase.  Short Course programs will be uploaded by the end of day Monday 1st May. 

It's #BuildingTime
IRONMAN AUS & IRONMAN 70.3 Port Mac Crew

IRONMAN 70.3 Port Macquarie



Well done to our Classic 145km Riders!
Shridhar IYER (#1315)

Srikanth IYER (#1585)
Basma FIRAS (#2915)
Juliet COOPER (#2299)

Angus, this photo is for you...
Lorne Camp Hill Riding
Annual Winter Training Camp

Our first camp of the season - Annual Winter Training Camp! With a change of location (Anglesea), this camp is jam-packed with training, seminars, and workshops designed to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge, training methods, and a training spike to kick-start your winter training campaign and set you on the right path for the season ahead. This is a camp for athletes of all abilities, levels and training age.


Take a click of the link below to read one athlete's reflection on a past camp.  This will give you a good idea what to expect.

Thanyapura swim shot_edited

Thanyapura Triathlon Training Camp

Live and breathe the life of a professional triathlete over 10 days at the ultimate Sports and Health resort in Thanyapura, Thailand from 28th July to 6th of August 2023. We aim to give athletes the ultimate professional training experience, jam-packed with insight and knowledge of significant valuable gains that can contribute to overall performance improvements and success. In addition to training for all three facets of triathlon, athletes will also undergo the rigours of high-end testing to help you achieve your fitness goals. Athletes will be broken into groups in accordance with fitness levels and abilities, allowing coaches to tailor your 10 days in Triathlon paradise.

Read all the details on the link below and start getting excited! 


“There’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing choices.”

When you’re riding on a cold, wet and windy day, you want to be as warm and as comfortable as you can. We have a guide for those new to Winter riding, to help you avoid learning from a very cold and miserable experience of your own!

The guide talks about a lot of gear and you can wear some or (like me) often all of it at once. The key is LAYERS. Even on the coldest day, you will heat up as you grind up the hills and then become freezing cold as the wind slices through you on the descents or you hit a gully where it appears all the cold air was hiding and waiting to slap you off your bike!

"It never gets easier, you just get faster."


Monday 1st May:

  • 6:15pm - All athletes – Squad Swimming at MSAC.  Session will begin with dryland band warm up.  Also bring pull buoy, paddles, fins, etc. 

Tuesday 2nd May:

  • 6pm - SC Athletes – Wind Trainer session online with Coach Gaz.  Link in programs.  Please contact if on Social or Pass membership. 
  • 6pm - LC Athletes – Wind Trainer session online with Coach Greg.  Link in programs.  Please contact if on Social or Pass membership.

Wednesday 3rd May:

  • 5:45am - All athletes – Squad Swimming at MSAC.  Session will begin with dryland band warm up.  Also bring pull buoy, paddles, fins, etc.  Outdoor pool.

Thursday 4th May:

  • 6:15pm - All athletes at The Tan/ Essendon.
  • Option 1 - the Tan: Please meet Coach Ollie (or Coach Sez) at 6:10pm next to the Pillars of Wisdom (opposite the Swan Street Bridge) ready to start warm-up at 6:15pm.
  • Option 2 - Essendon: Please meet Coach Greg at 6:10pm at the Essendon Rowing Club ready to start warm-up at 6:15pm.

Friday 5th May:

  • 5:45am - Intermediate/advanced – Squad Swimming at MSAC.  Session will begin with dryland band warm up.  Also bring pull buoy, paddles, fins, etc.  Outdoor pool.

Saturday 6th May:

Sunday 7th May: RACE DAY (IMAUS & IM70.3PM)

  • 8am- Trail Run - Meet Coach Greg at 7:50am for an 8am start at Fairfield Boathouse. Meet at the Fairfield Boathouse Car Park (on Fairfield Park Drive off Heidelberg Road – NOT THE STUDLEY PARK ONE!). Bring warm clothes and a towel for ice baths (in the river) and coffee. 

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