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We're back to build week #1, and with that the return of our 5.45am Tuesday run sessions. If you didn't remember that we were changing from August, or get the memo at swimming this week (that'll teach you to #neverskipaMonday), know that going forward we are back to the early start! And heads up - it's Run TTs this week so we're at Albert Park Lake from 6pm.

Build Week also means you should see the intensity rise a little in the programs and the return of the Nongs Ride on the weekend.  This is always the time where the big C rears its head….there is nothing on just being CON…SIS…TENT!  Get up, turn up and show up to train (#Mindset). 

But...What a miserable time we have had the last week with polar ice temperatures and rain, rain, more rain and some snow! A great welcome home for our Thanyapura peeps!! Kudos to those who stuck it out on the windtrainer on Saturday, getting their recovery week rides in and to the small group of athletes who braved the weather for #SundayRunday to be rewarded with blue skies, sunshine and of course good vibes!

Big shoutout to all those who headed north for the City 2 Surf in Sydney, well done all on some great runs. She loves to fly under the radar, but special congrats to Jen Schuster who, fresh off the back of Thailand camp, ran a 10 min PB!!!!   It was also the first duathlon of the winter season, congrats to all who raced!

This week we have a great article about ON Running athlete Rachel Cliff, some advice on how laps in the pool might just make your laps on land even faster, 
as well as reflections on our Thanyapura training camp in Thailand and if that gives you #FOMO, you can sign up to the next best camp on our calendar - Queenscliff!  Actually, you better sign up soon, coz there's not many beds left and once they're gone...that's it!


Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally.  It comes from what you do consistently
Marie Forleo

Almost Sold Out...Must Book in Fast!

We are nearly fully booked!  So if you're wanting to get onboard, you must book in now.  Once the beds are gone.....that's it!

Get race ready with a spike in training this Spring over three days
Friday 13th - Sunday 15th September
It's the perfect launchpad into the new racing season.

Located along the stunning Bellarine Peninsular and situated on the waters of the heads, Queenscliff boasts terrific terrain for cycling, picturesque trails along the coast and swimming in a beach that offers a variety of surf and flat waters.

Our combo sessions will be in full swing, with the preseason camp aimed at race-specific training including transition and other triathlon fundamentals.

Just $375 for everything! Accomodation, training, food and fun!  

So...What Was Thanyapura Really Like?

Our athletes had the ultimate training opportunity, living and breathing the life of a professional triathlete over 10 days at the ultimate Sports and Health resort in Thanyapura, Thailand.    Let’s hear what our latest attendees thought about their time at Thanyapura:

Storied Runs
At ON, we believe that every run has a story to tell. If you listen, it will speak to you. Storied Runs, the docu-series is an exploration of the life-changing power of the run where runners from different backgrounds and disciplines find purpose and power on the track, trails and open roads.

Season 1, Episode 1: “High Standards” explores a pivotal, and decidedly controversial, moment in the making of Canadian elite distance runner Rachel Cliff.

In 2016, Rachel Cliff didn’t make the Canadian national team headed to the Olympic Games in Rio. She appealed the decision. Twice. What she did next, and, is doing now, is a testament to the enduring human spirit to always go the distance.

The Top 4 Benefits of Swimming for Runners Looking to Survive Winter
"If you know anything about water sports, then you know swimming is a no-impact form of cardio that gives your body a break from the pounding of running without the risk of losing your fitness. But for most of us, “pool time” is a thing that usually happens in the summer for fun or, worst case scenario, when you’re working through an injury.

To find about the benefits of swimming for runners, we spoke to two experts with experience in both sports. Here, they discuss the pros of the pool exercise."

Written by Hailey Middlebrook for Runners World

Thursday 15 August - Hot Laps 5:45am
  • For intermediate/advanced athletes
  • Be early enough to hear briefing
  • Must have confident bike handling skills and working front & rear lights
  • Tri-Alliance apparel is preferred, to keep the group together safely
Thursday 15 August - Time Trial Run Sessions 6:00pm
  • With Coach Ollie & Bondy @ Albert Park Lake 6pm
  • With Coach Greg @ Essendon 6:15pm
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Friday 16 August- Swim Session 5:45am
  • With Coach Weekesy &  Coach Dan
  • For intermediate & advanced athletes
  • Be ready to hit the water on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 17 August - Long Course/Advanced Ride 6:30am
  • Intermediate/Advanced athletes only
  • Meet at North Point Cafe (North Rd)
  • Be early enough to group appropriately 
  • Distance according to ability/race goals
  • Ensure you carry all spares, leavers, CO2, money & phone
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 17 August - Long Course/Advanced Ride 7:30am
  • All athletes welcome
  • Meet at Wantirna Mall (crn Mountain Hwy & Boronia Rd)
  • Be early enough to listen to pre-session briefing
  • Distance according to ability/race goals
  • Ensure you carry all spares, leavers, CO2, money & phone
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Sunday 18 August - Long Run 8:00am
  • With Coach Ollie & Bondy from MSAC front entrance
  • With Coach Greg from Fairfield Park Boathouse (Car Park)
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Bring warm clothing to complete functional strength, stretching and technique activities

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