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Classic Melbourne weather saw us experience all seasons last week, and between that miserable-ness and a few coaches out of action, we missed our last long ride in the hills! Not to worry, we're ready to put all of that behind us because it's build week 2 now and Queenscliff Camp week!! Wooop!

The weekend saw some local racing with the Sandy Point half marathon (congrats Trea, Jen, Carly, Pammy, Jack, Tom, Tilders - we're sure there's more!) and race #2 of the Vic Duathlon series.  And some interstate racing with 70.3 Sunshine Coast - well done Chris Koch for banging out a half ironman on a testing course.  And some huge overseas racing with the 70.3 World Champs.  We send congrats & commiserations to Michelle Grocock in France, who had one of 'those' days.  Read about it in her race day reflection below.

This week we have a quick survey to gauge your interest in one of our favourite nights, we've got new tri suits on the horizon and now is the time to get yours personalised and a second-hand bike and wt package that could be just what you are looking for.

Plus we've included a handy guide to which ON Running shoe is best for you, and to make it even better, we will have the ON wear test kit for the weekend at camp.  If you've been wanting to try out a pair, now is the time.  And if you're not coming to camp, make sure you get in touch with Ollie who (if you're really nice to him) can bring you a pair to test at The Tan on Thursday #ServiceWithASmile.

Enjoy the read!
Coach Steph would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone in the TA family for absolutely showering her with love & kindness since Thursday, it has helped immensely. With nothing broken, and some new teeth, she can't wait to be back at it very soon!
Personalised Pre-Orders Available Now

The NEW Tri-Alliance Tri-Suit is now available for pre-order!

The trisuit features a high-quality design lower panel, an advanced chamoisand updated logos from our new partners for 2020!
You have the option to personalise it with your name for only $15.

We have spent time (based on your feedback) improving and developing this suit with several samples and extensive testing, to make sure both the quality, comfort, and usability of the suit is the highest priority.

We have opted for the long sleeve suit this year for sun protection, better aerodynamics with golf pattern arms for less drag and no rub points underarms.

What makes this suit so good you ask?

  • Heavier grade material from the waist down
  • New chamois design adding greater comfort
  • Full length zip with half jersey design (no need to take the suit off if doing number ones)
  • Option to wear as short only if top half is rolled up and tucked into short,
  • Zip pocket with 2 x mesh pockets either side for gels or gel holders,
  • Mesh panels for better breathability and cooling
  • A form-fitting suit that you can wear swim, bike or run with comfort and no restriction.
  • Suit weight is under 200g

We are super excited to introduce the new designs for 2020 off the back of the current 2018 model.  We know you will be too.

Would You Be Interested?

Are you fairly new to cycling?
Do you need a little more confidence and know-how to keep your steed rolling along the roads like a dream?
It’s time for girls to take over the cranks and we’re teaming up with the crew at Giant to bring you a bike maintenance session that’s aimed especially for girls.

michelle grocock
Vive La France!

Congrats to Michelle Grocock for stepping up to the line for the 70.3 IRONMAN World Championships in Nice, France, despite the less than ideal lead in. Unfortunately Michelle had to pull out of the race but we have been inspired by Michelle's honesty and her strength in listening to her head when she probably just wanted to follow her heart!

Find Your Perfect Running Sensation

When choosing a new running shoe, we all want to go for what’s best. But the ‘best’ isn’t the best’ for everyone, so how can you find the right shoe for you?

This quiz let's you find the the shoe that's made for you. 

Focus Bike and Jet Black Wind Trainer

Are you in the market for a second hand bike?  Do you wish you had a wind trainer of your very own to get some quality sessions done on rainy days?  

Well, look no further.  Hit the link below to see all the info!

Thursday 12 September - Hot Laps 5:45am
  • For intermediate/advanced athletes
  • Be early enough to hear briefing
  • Must have confident bike handling skills and working front & rear lights
  • Tri-Alliance apparel is preferred, to keep the group together safely
Thursday 12 September - Run Sessions 6:15pm
  • With Coach Ollie & Coach Bondy @ The Tan
  • ON Running wear test kit (contact Ollie prior)
  • With Coach Greg @ Essendon
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Friday 13 September - Swim Session 5:45am
  • With Coach Weekesy
  • For intermediate & advanced athletes
  • Be ready to hit the water on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 14 September
No training - recovery
  • No coached sessions in Melb
  • All coached sessions taking place at Queenscliff Training Camp
Sunday 15 September - Long Run 8:00am
  • With Coach Greg from Fairfield Park Boathouse (Car Park)
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time

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