Weekly Highlights

~ 10th June 2024 ~

We are another week on, and it's race week for the first time in a while! It's time to get excited for our long-course athletes who will be heading up to the warmer weather in Far North Queensland to take on the Ironman Cairns event. We have eight starters: four in the full distance event and four in the 70.3. We want to wish all of them the very best of luck. And Friend of the TA Family/Satellite athlete, Joey Vessey is also taking on the full distance.  May the water be calm, the wind at their backs on the ride, and the weather kind for a cool run. Check out their names and tracking numbers below, and be sure to wish them luck for next Sunday.

Thinking about racing and racing goals, we have only two spots left for our Thailand Training Camp (week #2). This camp is guaranteed to take your training to the next level. It's an incredible experience, offering more than just a training spike. Check out all the details and let us know ASAP if you're interested in coming along.

The King's Birthday long weekend is a significant date in our training calendar. It marks the start of a strong focus on strength training, bringing some different ride options. Be sure to read the details below to ensure you ride with the correct group and at the correct location. You cannot underestimate the functional strength that can be built on the bike, especially using low gears and grinding against resistance. Our coaches will be there to support you on both rides, so make sure to show up. Half the battle is getting there. Once you are there, you're halfway there.

After the King's Birthday, a couple of extra sessions are back on the timetable and in your programs. Tuesday morning interval runs are back at Albert Park Lake, and so are Thursday morning Hot Laps. Check in with us if you're unsure if you should attend. Otherwise, they are 6 AM starts during both build weeks.

All sessions have been updated on the online timetable. There are only a few notable changes to be aware of, which can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Keep training hard, stay healthy, and stay focused!!


The Time Has Come!

The 2024 Cairns Airport IRONMAN event on June 16, 2024, features both the full IRONMAN distance race and the IRONMAN 70.3 race in one of the world's most stunning locations. Participants will swim in the warm waters of Tropical North Queensland (Palm Cove), bike along one of the world's most scenic coastal roads and run through the vibrant heart of Cairns.
We are proud to get behind our athletes: Enrique, Aurélie, Joo, and Matt, who are racing the full distance, with our 3 x Melbourne-based athletes making their debut at this challenging level (photo above). Also racing will be Ben, Emma, Rob, and Sarah who will be competing in the IRONMAN 70.3 event.
Each of these athletes has dedicated immense time and effort to their preparation, ensuring they are fully prepared for this incredible journey. We wish them all the best and hope they have a fantastic race, enjoying every moment of this "Race in Paradise."
Be sure to track them on race day and send happy racing vibes their way:


Aurelie Gruaz #307
Joo Hyun Lee #115
Matthew O'Keeffe #521
Enrique Valenzuela #837
Joey Vessey #619

Emma Brown #2201
Ben Marples #2826
Rob Weston #2980
Sarah Ryan #TBC


2 Spots Left at Thanyapura!

We’ve got an amazing opportunity coming up at Thanyapura, and we don’t want you to miss out. From August 2nd - 11th 2024, we’re hosting a camp for all athletes, so whether you are intermediate or a novice, this is specifically for you!

This is your chance to immerse yourself in the life of a professional triathlete, with tailored training, high-end testing, and expert coaching to boost your performance.

With only 2 spots left, this is the perfect moment to take your training to the next level. Don’t wait – secure your spot now and join us for an unforgettable 10 days in Thailand!


Bike Preparation, Nutrition, Hydration & Clothing

As we head to the hills, preparation prior to a ride is paramount.

To help avoid morning panic, it is a good habit to check your bike the night before, ensuring that your tyres are pumped and that you are equipped with working front and rear lights – which are compulsory on early morning rides.

Added to this, it is recommended that you carry a spare tube and puncture kit, a multi tool and ensure you have nutrition prepared. Ensure that you have prepared your kit, the same way in which you pack for a triathlon the night before a race.

That means, you’ve got your Tri-Alliance cycling kit and additional under layers ready.  Reminder: TA kit compulsory on all squad rides.

Along with your kit, ensure you have two drink bottles ready to go, a bar, gels or a handful of nuts. Avoid dairy or anything that may upset your stomach in the morning that will force you to have a toilet break mid-ride.

Dandenongs Winter Ride

Strength Training

It's time to start thinking about building some strength in our bodies, and one of the best ways we can do this on the bike is to head to the hills or ride in a low gear.  Grinding away works on strength and endurance. 
This year we are splitting the rides into the following groups:
Intermediate - Advanced
Beginner - Low Intermediate

If you are unsure which group to ride in, be sure to check in with Ollie.

To help with future weekend plans, here is the cycle of rides:

Intermediate - Advanced (Coach Ollie)
Build Week #1 - Dandenongs
Build Week #2 - Kinglake
Recovery Week - Elwood

Beginner - Low Intermediate (Coach Greg)
Build Week #1 - Elwood/Beach Rd

Build Week #2 - Elwood/Beach Rd
Recovery Week - Elwood

Build Week rides begin at 6:30am and the Recovery Week ride will be a combined group leaving at 7am. Ensure you check your programs for prescribed distances. 


Session Details 
- As per the online timetable.  Please check online.

Notable Information
- Monday night swim session - no session due to King's Bday public holiday.
 Tuesday morning run session - back on the timetable for all athletes.  This interval session will be from 6am.  Meet at the south end of the lake.
- Thursday morning hot laps - back on the timetable for all intermediate/advanced athletes.  This session will roll out from MSAC main entrance at 6am.  Please check your programs to see if you should attend.
- Saturday morning ride - two different groups and two different locations.  Read above and check with Ollie if unsure.
- Sunday morning run - is back at MSAC and Fairfield this week.


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