10th JUNE 2020 – SWIM, BIKE, RUN, READ

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Hasn’t that cold weather really started to set in and remind us all the Winter is definitely here!  It was a little sad over the weekend to think that our annual Lorne Winter Camp could not go ahead this June, but there are more important things to focus on right now.  The sooner we get everybody doing the right thing and on top of the virus, the sooner we may be able to get back to the good old days of hanging out.  Let’s not write the camp off entirely for this year…. not just yet.


What we did find over the weekend, was that with the increase in time spent on the bike on Saturday morning (as volumes creep up), getting to the timetable flex session afterwards is not really going to work.  Similarly, for the Sunday morning flex, as more and more peeps take to the trails to run in a group.  We’ve made the decision that these sessions can be completed independently when you finish, allowing greater flexibility (he he…see what I did there!) in your weekend to complete when suitable.  The program is in CM, but this is why you will not see links.  There’s more on this below.


You will have all seen that your next programmed phase is now available in CM.  This block includes new strength programs, new flexibility programs, additional dryland swim exercises and includes swim sets for peeps back at the pool.  For those thinking that some sessions have been ‘missed’ or ‘dropped off’…. that’s not exactly the case.  What has happened is that with an increase in load and intensity across the entire week/block, your programs have been designed to carefully incorporate this, without over-training you.  Remember that great podcast I posted last week…about adaptations and recovery and athletes largely being under-recovered????  Yah…it’s our job to manage and educate you.  That’s why they will not appear on your program if it is not suitable for you at this time of the year.  If still in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to a coach.


And as we’ve said, we are inching closer and closer to being able to facilitate a return to more face-to-face training sessions, which we are all very excited about!  Once a full timetable can resume, the Go Solo membership will cease, and athletes will need to re-engage their short and long course membership options.

Until then, keep well.  Keep training.  And keep connected.


Better an oops...
than a what if

Same Sessions - New Options
With the recommencement of face-to-face sessions and some activities progressing in time, there is a need to make a few amendments to our timetable in terms of the Go Virtual option. 

When looking at your program in CoachingMate, if you see a time assigned to the session, it will mean there is a Go Virtual option for an online session.  If you do not see a time assigned, it does not mean the session is not on, it just means you cannot join virtually.

Please also make sure you look at the online timetable to see what’s happening and at what time.  This is up to date with all relevant information.

Monday – Dryland swim (Go Virtual) + Flex (Go Virtual)
Tuesday – Run Intervals (Group) + Wind Trainer (Go Virtual) + Flex (Go Virtual)
Wednesday – Dryland swim (Go Virtual) + Strength (Go Virtual) + Flex (Go Virtual)
Thursday – Hot Laps (Zwift) + Run Intervals (Group) + Flex (Independent)
Friday – Strength (Go Virtual) + Flex (Go Virtual)
Saturday – Ride (Go Virtual & Zwift) + Flex (Independent)
Sunday – Run (Group) + Flex (Independent)
Increased to 20
Great news that our group run sessions can now be extened to 20 athletes at a time.  This will be for the Tuesday morning and Thursday night interval sessions and the Sunday morning long runs. 

For this reason, we will combine the meeting point locations at Albert Park Lake, as follows:
* Tuesday - outside MSAC main entrance for 6am start
* Thursday - south end of the lake for 6:15pm start
* Sunday - outside MSAC main entrance for 6am start
Check the timetable for exact location if unsure.

These sessions do not need to be booked online prior to attending.  However, to keep with regulations, all athletes MUST be scanned in at each session they attend, so we have an accurate record of attendance.  Please do not leave a session without ensuing this has been done.

Reminder, all athletes must:
* maintain physical distancing by keeping at least 1.5 metres between you and another person
* carry and care for all personal belongings, including water bottles
* cover mouths and noses if coughing or sneezing
* not attend if feeling unwell

There will not be an option to GO Virtual for these sessions, due to the increase in face-to-face athletes.  However, you can contact a coach any time prior to ensure you are across the requirements of your programmed session.
Access to Pools
We've heard good feedback from athletes who were able to get lane space and back to follwoing the black like this week!

You will have seen both swim sets and dryland swim sessions assigned to your programs from now on.  These are being made available to suit your personal circumstances.  So, if you can get to a pool, follow the programmed set.  And if you cannot access a pool, we will continue to work on your strength and technique through our coached dryland swim sessions, until such time that it becomes suitable for squads to resume.
Outdoor Riding
In terms of weekend rides, as per previous advice, you are allowed to ride outdoors if you choose to.  But, to adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rule, you will need to ride in single file as Vic Road Laws states that cyclists should not be more than 1.5m apart when riding two abreast.  We will be continuing with our virtual Saturday morning ride sessions, offering both an online coached option and group Zwift events.  We are seeing some great results from the consistency of these sessions, supported by the structured nature of the workout with increased control in your intensity and deliberate intervals.  There’s definitely no slacking off here!
Wind Trainer
As we progress further into our training block, we will need to make the following changes to our Tuesday night wind trainer sessions:

* Earlier Start Time - we will need to kick off the session at 6pm to be able to fit in our flex session afterwards.  That means, begin logging on from 5:45pm, continue setting up and warming up and be ready to officially start the set at 6pm.  

* Split Sessions – we’re at the point we need to break off into short and long course sessions.  That means 2 coaches, 2 separate sessions, 2 different sets, 2 finish times.  You don’t have to do anything – just access the session the same way you always have, via the Go Virtual link.  We will let you know when this will commence (most likely following your next FTP test).
Looking for a TT Bike?

A former athlete of our is selling her triathlon time trial bike, in great condition, well serviced, light weight carbon frame, Roval deep dish carbon wheels, Ultegra 11 front, Dura-ace rear components. Test rides welcome. $2999
Check out the link for more photos and to get in touch with Simone.

Shoe Twist Challenge

Balance your shoe on your foot and complete a full roll without dropping it! 

For those who want an extra challenge try switching to the other foot and completing a second roll in the opposite direction!

Who’s got the hip mobility to take on the Shoe Twist Challenge?

If you can successfully master (or not, coz who doesn’t love seeing the blooper reel), then share it with the TA Fam and get everyone involved.

Use the hashtags #TriAlliancePhysicalChallenge #TrainingWithoutBoundaries so we can keep an eye on you!

Saturday Bunchie

It’s important to keep routines going and stay connected, so Saturday mornings we ride… VIRTUALLY!

We will have 2 options for all our programmed athletes:

  1. Join our private Zwift group ride – Tri-Alliance Social Saturday!


  1. Join us for an online coached session to see all your buddies and ride with the coach!

Check out how to join these groups using the link below


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