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We are well and truly in the depths of Build Week 2, so take comfort in knowing that we are all in the same boat.  Yes, it is supposed to be feeling tough.  Yes, you are probably feeling tired.  And yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Remember back to last week when we talked through our 3-week periodization in our programs?  And the importance of riding the peaks and troughs for adaptation to occur?  And no doubt you went on to learn more about the training zone and phases of training…???  We hope so, as we cannot stress the importance of understanding your training and knowing where you are and where you are heading.  If you don’t know the purpose of each session, how can you possibly assign appropriate intensity and appreciate the steps you are taking toward the bigger picture? 
Over the weekend, we had a range of athletes competing across the globe!  Make sure you follow the link to hear all about the Gold Coast marathon festival, Challenge Roth and the recent Ironman Frankfurt and Surf Coast Marathon in the Weekend Wrap Up.

This week we’ve also included some important info on joining Band Squad, the latest edition of The G Files, a reminder about our awesome partners at ORCA (with an invitation to an open evening) and the all important deets for the weekend training sessions.

NB: It will be important to keep a close eye on the Tri-Vic FB page later in the week as we monitor the weather leading into the weekend.  We will make a decision Friday afternoon regarding the best course of action for Saturday rides.  

Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or your stay afraid of taking them.
Jim Carrey
Who's Joining Band Squad?

Bands provide resistance to just about any motion, and can be especially helpful for mimicking the motions you make while in the pool.
They allow you to perform strength-training exercises in the way that they provide a force against which your muscles must work. This action has a very different impact on the way your muscles will contract, which stimulates bone as well as muscle growth.

Muscle imbalances in swimmers usually stem from the fact that swimming works all major muscle groups, but fails to work the smaller supportive muscle groups equally. Strengthening these supportive muscle groups is the best way to not only aid injury prevention, but improve stroke mechanics as well.

Anyone who has been to a swim session recently has most likely seen a small group of athletes get out their bands (rubber fitness cords) and worked through their set of strength exercises.  In this article, Steph gives you the cheeky low-down on why you should be joining #BandSquad after your next session!
Get Me Some Bands!
There's no escaping the wonderful world of BANDS, and we're seeing more and more athletes completing their exercises after each swim set.  Resistance bands are simply a tool that help you replicate any functional movement, while applying a strength enhancing, muscle building resistance. As a result, resistance band training will make movements and muscles stronger while simultaneously improving movement coordination. you need to know where to get your hands on them.  You can check them out here: EBAY Supplier or we've also found other suppliers offering deals for 2 sets (highly recommended as 1 set is only 1 length and you need double to do both arms at the same time).  It doesn't matter where you get your bands from - just make sure they have different tensions (colours) and preferably come with handles.  Shop around!
The Truth is Not Out There!

Helloooooooooo anyone listening

I'm still here and for the three people who read the last communique!

If you had been at the EOSP (which Les was) you would have heard a great speech at the start of proceedings. Now some of the sentiments expressed by that wonderful orator are echoed in a book I have been reading lately, so I’m going to write a quote from “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Where Atticus Finch is speaking to his son Jem.....

ORCA / TA Athlete's Night

Orca Australia has been a partner with Tri-Alliance for the past 3 seasons, supplying wetsuits and accessories to our squad. At any local or even interstate race, you will see Orca splashed across the chests of a large number of athletes.

Orca has a 20yr track record as a leading sports apparel brand, predominantly in triathlon arena. Just as triathlon embodies endurance, stamina and versatility, so does every piece in the Orca collection.

We have worked tirelessly over the past two decades to evolve, innovate and perform with our athletes. Today, Orca is recognized as the preferred brand amongst new entrant and professional triathletes around the globe.  Our story is unique: In 1992, our founder, former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth set up Performance Speedsuits Ltd in his native New Zealand, spurred by a passion to create better, faster wetsuits than those on the market.

As a Tri-Alliance athlete you have direct access to the Orca Australia range which includes a 20% discount off recommended retail pricing. With additional bonuses of a large local factory outlet in Moorabbin, Orca often attending sessions at Elwood through summer with demo suits and our very own Coach Scotty working for them, you can’t go far wrong.

The range is not just wetsuits but also covers a wider range of gear for your Tri needs:

  • Open water accessories such as thermal caps, vests and booties
  • Pool swimming gear – pull buoys, snorkels and paddles and the favourite Killa 180 goggles
  • Swimmers for both men and women – one-piece, two-piece, jammers and briefs
  • Training and race bags and rucksacks
  • Compression
  • Tri training suits, tops and bottoms

Current specials and clearance items can be viewed on the website. Examples include the 2018 3.8 wetsuit for $450 was $799, the Alpha wetsuit was $799 now $400 and women’s one piece swimwear at $30. Many more items available to browse at the factory.

Orca Australia Contact details:

  • Factory Outlet: 7/136 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin, VIC, 3189
  • Tel: 1800 228 229
  • Hours: 9:30-16:30 Mon-Fri (However if you know exactly what you want Scott can often bring it to a session saving you freight and travel!)
  • To access the 20% you must come in person or pay over the phone

We will be hosting an TA/ORCA ATHLETE evening on Wednesday 24th July (5pm - 8pm), where the factory will be open for walk-ins – come along, have a look and grab some gear.  TA Coaches will be there too, so come and have a chat!

Thursday 11 July - Hot Laps 5:45am
  • With Coach Ollie
  • Intermediate and Advanced athletes
  • Meet outside MSAC main entrance
  • 5:40am briefing
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Thursday 11 July - Run Session 6:15pm
  • With Coach Ollie & Coach Bondy @ The Tan
  • With Coach Greg @ Essendon
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Friday 12 July- Swim Session 5:45am
  • With Coach Weekesy &  Coach Dan
  • For intermediate & advanced athletes
  • Be ready to hit the water on time
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 13 July - Long Course/Advanced 6:30am
  • With Coach Ollie
  • Long course/Advanced athletes only
  • Approx 110kms - 120kms
  • Meet in Studley Park car park
  • Be early enough to listen to pre-session briefing
  • Distance according to ability/race goals
  • Ensure you carry all spares, leavers, CO2, money & phone
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Saturday 13 July - Short Course 7:30am
  • With Coach Bondy
  • Short course/Beginner-Intermediate athletes
  • Approx 65kms
  • Meet at Eltham Station car park
  • Be early enough to listen to pre-session briefing
  • Distance according to ability/race goals
  • Ensure you carry all spares, leavers, CO2, money & phone
  • Check timetable for meeting locations
Sunday 14 July - Long Run 8:00am
  • With Coach Ollie & Bondy from MSAC front entrance
  • With Coach Greg from Fairfield Park Boathouse (Car Park)
  • For all athletes
  • Be ready to run on time
  • Bring warm clothing to complete functional strength, stretching and technique activities

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